Generating Tax Alpha With After-Tax Asset Allocation

The calculation of after-tax asset allocation is key to determining asset location, which can significantly impact an investor’s after-tax returns according to a study done by William Reichenstein, Ph.D., CFA (a copy is here as well).  Reichenstein proposes a unified framework that addresses the different risks and returns that exist between taxable and retirement accounts.  While he doesn’t mention the […]

Seeking Tax Alpha

The term “tax alpha,” which was coined by Rob Arnott of investment manager Research Affiliates, represents the improvement in net returns gained from effective tax management. (from Seeking Tax Alpha By David E. Adler at During my research and discussions with industry professionals, I’ve discovered (not surprisingly) that there are many definitions of tax […]

Is Tax Alpha a Myth or is it Real?

This blog is dedicated to a tax management as it relates to fee-based managed accounts.  I plan on researching and discussing many of the issues surrounding tax management.  I’ll look into tax management claims made by investment advisors, overlay managers and software companies.  Different methodologies of tax management are also on my radar as well […]