4 Top Financial Planning Software Apps for Advisors

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Craig’s Note: When we published our first FinPlan Shootout back in 2015, we had no idea that it would become our most popular post of all time and reach Google’s first page results for financial planning software and still be there two years later.  Now it’s time for an update that is bigger and better, so we’ve doubled the […]

25 Things I Learned at the Riskalyze #FISummit

Riskalyze Conference

Conference season is upon us and as someone who is a regular attendee at numerous events, I thought I had become jaded and that no conference could really excite me. That was before I attended Riskalyze’s inaugural conference, which they dubbed the “Fearless Investing Summit” #FISummit.  Riskalyze’s CEO, Aaron Klein, graciously invited me to attend […]

5 Bold Predictions for Advisors’ Product Shelf in 2027 

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The city of Chicago is known for having some seriously cold weather that can surprise visitors with it’s intensity. While October is far from the dead of winter, the average temperature has historically been in the high 50’s/low 60’s with a fair dose of wind to chill your bones. Fortunately, a few days of absolutely […]

Winners of WealthTech: Stuart DePina


This is the third article in a series we are calling Winners of WealthTech, where I interview people who have made a name for themselves in wealth management technology and have a track record of innovation and success. My first interview was with Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze and the second was with Bill Crager, […]