#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 68: Delivering Meaningful Engagement with Brandon Spottswood

“What we believe we’ve been able to do is make our industry more fun, because there was a huge missing layer. We have all this data on user profiles and company profiles that cuts out the first ten conversations between any two parties because most of the questions they were going to ask are already answered on their profiles. And you have that level of specification that the industry really needs in order to create meaningful engagement.”

–Brandon Spottswood, AdvisorBid

AdvisorBid is the industry’s largest social digital solution for financial advisor transitions, M&A, recruiting, investor-advisor matching, financing, valuations, and FinTech matching.

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Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Company Background
  • LinkedIn vs. AdvisorBid
  • The Secret to Building Connections
  • Deal Prediction & Compatible Opportunities

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Complete Episode Transcript:

Craig: And it’s another fantastic day in the wonderful world of wealthtech. Welcome to episode 68 of the Wealth Management Today podcast. I’m your host Craig Iskowitz, and I run a consulting firm called Ezra Group. We’re experts in everything related to wealthtech. We deliver growth oriented solutions to banks, broker dealers, asset managers, RIA aggregators, as well as their wealthtech providers through our premium advice and targeted market research. On this podcast, I speak with some of the smartest people in the industry who are on the leading edge of technology and innovation. And I’m happy to welcome to this episode, our guest is Brandon Spottswood, founder and CEO of AdvisorBid. Brandon, welcome to the program.

Brandon: Thanks for having me.

Craig: It’s great for you to be here, man. I’m glad you could make it. Hope everything’s doing well. Where are you calling in from?

Brandon: Miami beach.

Craig: Nice! Well, fortunately I have nice weather today in New Jersey, but it’s going to be getting crappy out and you’re still going to have a nice mother. So I’m jealous.

Brandon: Yeah, it’s nice here, we’ve just been really dedicated. We have team members throughout the whole country, and we’ve just recently been headquartered in Miami Beach. But I’m originally from Richmond, Virginia, so I love the weather throughout the whole East coast. It’s beautiful.

Craig: Right. Has your firm always been virtual or just since the crisis?

Brandon: We’ve always been virtual. so when the Coronavirus hit, it was an easy transition because we were just continuously doing what we were already doing. But just doing it at a faster pace and with more conviction, because we really saw the opportunity, like many others on the digital front and we’ve poured a good chunk of our resources into business development on a nationwide scale, through web development, tech development some people in Silicon Valley. We have some developers in DC or have had, developers contribute in DC. A lot of our developers here are in Miami Beach, but it’s very much a Silicon Valley level technology.

Craig: Right. So before we go further, can you give us a 30 second elevator pitch for AdvisorBid?

Brandon: Yeah. Currently, AdvisorBid is the world’s leading digital solution for financial advisor recruiting transitions and investor/advisor matching and mergers and acquisitions. So it’s essentially at a 20,000 foot view, it’s an entire ecosystem for the financial services industry.

Craig: I thought that was cool. When when you first showed it to me, I was really interested in the idea. It’s kind of like, as you said, it’s like the Facebook for financial advisors, right? That kind of a social media matching – more like the LinkedIn for a financial advisors, isn’t it?

Brandon: Yeah. Like a LinkedIn Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, all in one where all the users and companies can share an unlimited amount of photos, videos, hundreds of pieces of information that you can’t share with any other social media, and users can upload their technology vendors, the entire breakdown of their book of business, whether or not they have a written succession plan in place, they can upload their AUM, their AGR, all the products and services that they utilize, clients that they specialize with most. Really their entire personality, their whole book of business. I mean, someone at this point would have to tell us what they would want to share that’s not already available on the site.

Company Background

Craig: Exactly. So how did you get this idea to start this?

Brandon: Well, I had a lot of experience with developing websites. Many years ago, when Facebook and MySpace were around, I naturally became connected within the financial services industry right out of college, and then had an opportunity to recruit financial advisors. And that really changed my whole perspective and outlook of there’s a whole opportunity out there, like a Zillow for wealth management or an Amazon of wealth management. There’s a lot of different perspectives out there and how you can label what it could be. But in our industry, there was never a way to monetize the relationship between a financial advisor and their clients digitally like a Zillow. Zillow has MLS exchange, whereas advisors have their CRD number and firms have their CRD numbers. So we’ve kind of converted actual users or companies to become tradable, or what could be could be tradable entities, like a sports agent for financial advisors. So a lot of times advisors are looking out for their clients, but who’s actually looking out for them and their interests? So we have over 500 company profiles on the site now.financial advisor technology

Craig: One of the hardest things about starting a network like AdvisorBid I would imagine, is getting the first people on the site because the power of a network, is the itself. If you don’t have lots of people on it, no one wants to get to it, but no one wants to start on it if there aren’t people there. So that’s a catch-22. So how did you get the first advisors to sign up or the first to other companies to sign up?

Brandon: It was admittedly really challenging to get the first couple hundred and then to get the first couple thousand users. But it started with one user, one company in one state. We we’ve done all of our technology from completely blank documents. It’s all custom. It’s really tailored. It is coded based on what I interviewed hundreds of advisors and top companies in the industry, and found out exactly what is it that they’re looking for? If there was a marketplace, what would they want it to look like? How would they want it to operate? And we basically just built over the course of a number of years, what all the users told us that they wanted and it took time. But, what’s crazy in our industry is that financial advisors, they’re really knowledgeable on how to be a great advisor. But they’re not really knowledgeable on companies in our industry that can benefit them. Now if we pulled off the 500 plus companies in our industry that have already created or claimed a profile on AdvisorBid, I bet you that most advisors only recognize like 5-10% of them. And that’s a huge problem. It’s like, Oh my gosh, you didn’t know about top RIAs, or top broker dealers, or top hybrid opportunities or pictures of office space near you, or opportunities to help further your career or a book of business for sale. Or if there’s a TAMP or, a FinTech company or a resource company out there that there’s a ton of advisors signed up to advise right now, right near you. And you just send them a connection request or message. It just blows my mind how much of a problem there was that we could provide a solution for.

Craig: Well, before you started AdvisorBid you were a biz dev recruiter for advisors, right? I mean, so that must’ve given you a lot of understanding of what advisors are looking for in these types of networks.

Brandon: Yeah. It could be like upfront money. It could be a discount on money management platforms. It could be a more representative friendly compliance. It could be the opportunity to be truly independent. It could be an equity opportunity, a succession opportunity, an independent deal, an employee deal. It could be a plugin to a recent office space near you. It could be someone that wants to become a financial advisor, someone that wants to transition, someone that wants to exit or sell all or part of their business. You don’t have to sell the whole thing and you just sell part of it and get a liquidity preference, get strapped with cash, get connected to a lot of great people with likeminded, thoughts, and vision. And really what we believe we’ve been able to do is make our industry more fun because there was a huge missing layer.

A lot of the industry uses LinkedIn, but LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to share all your videos, all your photos, like an Instagram type of deal, I mean, they just started recently doing events, but there’s a lot of different ways to do it. And then there’s a whole AUM and, custodians and clearing firms and an advisor’s background and different niches within the industry. And a lot of these things that LinkedIn doesn’t have that level of specification that the industry really, really needs in order to create meaningful engagement. So by having all this data on user profiles and company profiles just cuts out the first 10 conversations between any two parties, because most of the questions that they were going to ask are on their profile right now.

Invest In Others

LinkedIn vs. AdvisorBid

Craig: So let me back you up a second. You’re talking about why LinkedIn isn’t as good as AdvisorBid. So I can already look at profiles of people on LinkedIn, but what the advantage, from what I understand, on AdvisorBid is that it has a little bit more of an investment, financial services focus, and it understands that you are an advisor and some of the companies you might be interested in, and if you’re a company recruiting what you’re looking for. So is that really where you see the value or is there something else along AdvisorBid that makes it so much better than LinkedIn?

Brandon: Well, there’s hundreds of the pieces of information. Well over a hundred pieces of proprietary information that we get from either user profiles or company profiles in order to create more of a meaningful engagement. And a lot of times there’s a lot of noise on LinkedIn. Whereas AdvisorBid is pretty much all the top people that the people in our industry from a business development perspective would want to engage with, like an event that never ends. You can upload all your office space, all your events, your recruiting brochure. We have an entire leader board of all the top companies in our industry by category in each demographic area, which ones have the most AUM, which ones have the most annual gross revenue, which ones have the most producing advisors.financial advisor technology

And you can sort them from least to greatest or greatest to least so that you can actually see within an entire region or nationwide, it’s a very competitive landscape and someone has already received an offer from one particular firm. You know, it’s like, well, what other firms are like this firm? And LinkedIn’s algorithms are nowhere near as advanced as AdvisorBid’s in the regards to what’s important for the wealth management industry. It can be anything from matching up a buyer to a seller, mergers and acquisitions. It could be transitions and maybe an advisor wants to look at a different broker dealer and, or RIA or a hybrid of both or the branches within. Maybe someone wants to join a broker dealer like LPL, but they don’t want to go corporate. Maybe they want to see all the super OSJs and OSJs affiliated with an LPL or an Ameriprise or Cambridge or an Advisor Group.

So what AdvisorBid does, is it creates all that affiliation interconnectivity and things like what’s your tech stack at your firm, or how do you engage with your clients or what are your strategic initiatives or the entire breakdown of your business all the way down to the product type, and do you have a written succession plan? So a lot of times in the industry what’s really, really hot right now is mergers and acquisitions. And there’s a lot of boats for sale that are actively for sale, but there a whole ocean of advisors that don’t have a written succession plan in place. And especially with the Reg BI thing, that’s a big deal that there’s not a written succession plan in place for a huge chunk of the industry. So what we’re able to do is create those meaningful conversations and relationships locally or nationally today that maybe an advisor isn’t looking to sell their book of business right now, but they don’t have a written succession plan in place.

So it’s a much more profitable scenario and not all boats are actively posted for sale, kind of like a for sale by owner for real estate. You know, not everyone goes through a Zillow or a realtor, sometimes it’s for sale by owner. A lot of that happens through AdvisorBid, just through sending anyone a connection request or a message. Also here, LinkedIn is really restrictive. You can send out so many connection requests that you have to start sending an email to a user in order to connect with them, in order to send them a message. So it’s really restrictive. Whereas on AdvisorBid, you can send any user, even with the free profile, a connection or a message request to any user, regardless of connectivity. So you don’t need an email in order to send a message to them or connect with them, which is huge. Saying that I’m interested in buying a book of business or selling or, Hey, would you be open and a merger?

The Secret to Building Connections

Craig: So you’ve got a lot of connections on this platform. How did you build that many connections and how does that provide value to the users on your platform?

Brandon: Now that there is a strong “viralness” to the AdvisorBid platform, you can invite an unlimited amount of users, you can invite one user at a time or a thousand users at once through the invitation panel we have once you’re signed in. Also, we have a lot of data profiles, so you can invite someone to AdvisorBid that may not yet be a live member of the platform. so that has gotten a lot of users to sign up. Also users are now able to share their user and company profiles now by just clicking two buttons, you can share your profile with LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, just by clicking two buttons. That’s it, it’s super fast, right from your user profile. So that’s attracted a lot of other media platforms to then drive traffic and have new users sign up to AdvisorBid. And then also this new map functionality on the company pages that then show, for example, all the LPL advisors sign up on the LPL page, where all the Raymond James advisors signed up from Raymond James on the Raymond James Page. And that goes for every single company with any type of affiliations, you can see their whole nationwide footprint. Well companies will go in and say, well, I’m missing an advisor here and here and here. And I’m like, okay, well get them to sign up. So it’s a whole phenomenon.financial advisor technology

Craig: So the goal is mainly for broker dealers and other firms that are looking to bring on advisors and recruit advisors, and then it expanded into other types of matching?

Brandon: Yes. So what’ll happen is a company will get their advisors to sign up or the advisors will sign up independently without a notification from the company, just because of word of mouth or they got a connection request or a message from another user on the platform like yourself. And they will say, what’s AdvisorBid? They sign up, and they’re like, Oh, wow, I know this person and this person, but I don’t know this person, this person, this person, they send them all connection requests. Now when they write a post or a newsfeed, all of their connections will now see it on their dashboard. So it’s not just about today and what’s active today. It’s about building an enterprise value of hundreds or thousands of followers, financial advisors on the platform to then always be top of mind to the industry and who they want to do business with most. So anyone in business development, I mean, we do everything from mergers and acquisitions for advisors, to advisors’ transitions for advisors to companies and or product and services companies, securities attorneys, financing companies, TAMPs, FinTech companies, resources, family offices, multifamily offices, you name it. They’re probably on AdvisorBid.

Craig: So basically anyone who is involved with advisors, either hiring them, recruiting them, buying them, providing services to them can use AdvisorBid.

Brandon: Yes, absolutely. So there’s a whole bunch of resource companies, such as White Glove or ReminderMedia that have thousands of advisors as clients that then went into the invitation panel and started inviting many advisors with hundreds of different affiliations per invitation. So what’s happening is like a viral network effect. We have thousands and thousands of users, they have 500+ company profiles that are created, and we keep adding new fields for them to then go in and fill out and then get matched up with the opposite side. We even have some companies with 20, 30 different admins for one company that are all working the company profile together. We have some users that sign in for days a time, weeks at a time. Some people stay logged in all day long, you know, it depends on the user and the company, but it’s a it’s a very, very long engagement because now there’s photos, videos.

Craig: So it’s also a bit of a social media network as well. So they could do things similar to how they do it on LinkedIn, where they’re posting news stories or articles or other information, and they can do the same thing on AdvisorBid.

Brandon: Yeah, absolutely. They can post all their links to the podcast on the newsfeed. You can post interact with content. You can post videos, YouTube videos, white papers, brochures, news, and other publications. We have a whole news aggregation. Pretty soon you’ll be able to benchmark your book of business locally and then also nationwide.

Craig: Stop there – what does it mean to benchmark your book of business locally?

Brandon: Well, because we have so much data now on advisors, maybe an advisor is looking to buy a book of business well, going through that process, they give us their whole breakdown of the business, their AUM, annual gross revenue, what they specialize in, all the good stuff. What’s the biggest reason that a seller, if they were ever looking to sell all or part of their business, what’s the reason that they should even have a conversation with you? Well, that question could be answered by the incentives behind an actual user profile. You know, it’s like the smiling faces of the photos, it’s the education content and what you’re delivering to the videos on a profile. So it’s real personal now. It’s not just the data behind somebody, it’s the personality. Do they vibe well, do they care? Do they see themselves having a merger or having a conversation for any purpose? A lot of that can be done through AdvisorBid.

Craig: That’s awesome. So I know you have some new features coming out, and you just refreshed your UI. Can you talk a little bit about that and what kind of new features that people can be expecting on AdvisorBid?

Brandon: Well, recently we just completely updated our new user and company profiles to be a collection of all the best features from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter all in one. And then all the information from the SEC, FINRA, hundreds of pieces of information and aggregated all into AdvisorBid profiles. So from there, the next big thing that we’re going to do is we’re going to update our splash page, like a great cover on a book. Every book needs a great cover, and that will get more users engaged and signed up for the very first time. But once someone’s signed in, it’s a real beautiful experience. Moving forward we’re going to be focusing on a lot of big data, big business intelligence type of software and start to benchmark advisors’ data. We can start to predict deals with reasonable accuracy before they ever occur.

Deal Prediction & Compatible Opportunities

Craig: Oh, that’s another good thing too. So predicting deals, that’s not available yet, but that’s on your roadmap. How will that work?

Brandon: Well, other social platforms do this, but they don’t do it with people’s money. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, there’s always sponsored content or what they believe that the user would like to then get the user to stay on the site for a longer period of time. So based on what users upload, we now have this ocean of all the best opportunities in the whole industry, and just keeps growing, from every category. So let’s say for example, someone said they want to buy a book of business. Well, now we have a reason to populate top financing companies or valuation companies or lawyers that can then help facilitate a merger and acquisition or support that those objectives. Maybe someone says that they are a money manager, but they’re more of an asset gatherer rather than a market master.

So they need like a TAMP or a third party money management service. Well, now we can populate those live profiles to those users’ dashboards because, because of that thing. And we’ve thought of many, many handfuls of amazing algorithms where we can then start to tell people about opportunities that we believe they may not have realized, but based on the user profile information that they’ve uploaded, we can then say, Hey, have you heard about this company? And they can just click on the profile and check out everything about them.

Craig: Sure. And you’ll do that by building out some AI and machine learning type of capabilities to parse through all the data flowing through your system?

Brandon: Yeah. It’s just algorithms on algorithms and algorithms. And then basically when this gets released, it’ll just be the ability to then help predict deals before they ever occur. Just through algorithms, just saying, have you heard about these 5 or 10 companies? And then maybe one, maybe all of them, they can opt out if they don’t like receiving those notifications. But a lot of the time they’re going to be very, very helpful, very meaningful things that would actually make sense based on the compatibility or what we believe would be most compatible, opportunities with that advisor.

Craig: So how do you define what a compatible opportunity is?

Brandon: So it can be the breakdown of a book of business. For example, there’s a broker dealer out there that specializes in, working with advisors that do alternative investments. So if an advisor says they do alternate investments and say, Hey, you may be more restricted to your current affiliation, but if that’s important to you and your clients well have you heard about this company? And we can then project that to, to an advisor. And it could be for anything, it’s not just recruiting and mergers and acquisitions, it’s for all products and services. Does someone need help and how do they get clients? Seminars. What companies do they help advisors get more seats in seminars and webinars, you know? Well, there’s companies out there that specialize in that. And have you heard about this company? A lot of times they haven’t, that’s what’s so crazy. So there’s a lot of products and services companies we’ve helped recently and even financing companies get more business just because of having direct access to their target audience based on what users and companies have uploaded.

Craig: So how do you charge for the platform? Is it free to set up as a user, then you to charge a monthly fee, or how do you, how do you work that?

Brandon: For companies it’s $499/month or $4,999/year. And for users, it’s $90/month or a $999/year. And that’s for the elite, pro user or company profile. And everyone can have a free profile. So every advisor, every company out there can start with a free profile and upload their entire profile in order to see who’s viewed your profile, in order to get picked up in certain proprietary elite algorithms, to then get you more deal flow. In order to have white glove service with our internal team, to help the advisor experience did the site, and then lead them to a particular opportunity at a company. A company would have an elite subscription for that. Elite subscribers also get access to their opportunities dashboard. So if a user goes on a company profile, there’s a button that says “express interest”. If they click it, all the admins of that company will get a notification in real time that this user, this profile is interested in your company. So it could be a recruiter can respond and executive can respond. Someone in business development, they can immediately reply in real time in seconds through the site.

Craig: Let me go back to another piece, I really liked that you have a mobile app. Do you have any information that breakdown of users, how many are using the mobile app versus using the desktop?

Brandon: Okay, so we haven’t yet released the mobile app, but we have a lot of mobile responsiveness through the site. We’re very much working on a mobile app, it’s in the works, but it’s a huge undertaking.

Craig: Oh so this is just like an HTML-5 version that works on the phone. It’s just a responsive web version that you can use the browser of your phone to access.

Brandon: Yeah, that’s correct. So a lot of the site you can access through the phone and within the next 30-60 days, pretty much the whole site you’ll be able to access through the phone just through mobile responsiveness. And it’s pretty much the whole industry on the go. I mean, all the top RIAs, RIA aggregators, all the top broker dealers, all the top FinTech companies, resource companies, FinTech companies, like Ezra Group.

Craig: You don’t take any transaction fees if M & A activity occurs or if a vendor sells product to an advisor through your site, you don’t take any percentage of those fees?

Brandon: Some companies we have negotiated agreements with, because we do a lot of volume and they’re cool with it, and it just supports our growth and initiatives to then develop tech more. But for anyone that’s not a recruiting company, it’s just $499/month or $4,999/year to get like all the bells and whistles with AdvisorBid. And we do a lot of campaigns to then get a lot of deal flow, and a lot of companies see the value in the whole ecosystem. Now, if a company is looking to recruit, a lot of deals right now that are mergers and acquisitions are not complete book sales, sometimes they are. But a lot of time they’re just an advisor looking to sell five, 10, 20, 30, 40% of their book of business and maintain control, but just kind of make their bank account look like it’s retired, but not actually be retired and still have all the control.

Advisors really love that feeling and situation and get paid to do it. So with AdvisorBid, it’s almost like a blank check because most third-party recruiting firms only work with maybe like 10-40 different firms. We work with over 300. So let’s do the math. I mean, if you have the ability to get offers from up to, or over 300 different firms, that makes sense based on what you’re looking for. And you think you’re going to get a higher offer in the end and get access to more companies and offers? I mean, a lot of times advisors flip out, they’re like, Oh my god, I didn’t know about any of these companies. I’m like, see, that’s why we built this.

Craig: What are some of the companies that are on here that they wouldn’t normally see? What types of people?

Brandon: A lot of different top, hybrid companies or RIAs with succession opportunities. Some of them are backed by family offices with $40-50 million. It’s almost like a blank check because it’s every great opportunity I’ve never heard of.

Craig: So it’s all tech enabled. This is really self-directed mergers and acquisitions and buying books of business. So you’ve really created an almost, it is a marketplace for every aspect of an advisory business.

Brandon: Yeah. That’s exactly right. Everything from cradle to grave and everything in between and all the resources. And here’s the crazy thing, all of these profiles, these user profiles that are fully built out and beautiful of advisor profiles and company profiles, they’re perfect to attract the end user client, whether it be a high net worth investor or ultra high net worth institutional, retail, someone needs a college savings plan. Well, I can show you all the top advisors in the country that do college savings plans for families, or someone that works with financial executives, dentists, doctors, medical, entrepreneurs, any company category, I can then show on a big nationwide map and list view every specialist advisor and every single category with all their affiliations and all their clickable profiles on their profile. And it’s perfect to attract advisors or investors.

Craig: How many investors do you have signed up on the site?

Brandon: A couple. That’s not something that we pushed yet a lot in marketing and like Google ads and so forth. We’ve been collecting a huge treasure trove of information of what all the top advisors specialize in. That’s something we plan to further our business development efforts in very soon.

Craig: Because that could be a whole new trove of networks and you know, the transactions where you’re now matching advisors with investors.

Brandon: Oh yeah, absolutely. It’s the whole ecosystem advisor to advisor, advisor to company ,and advisor to investor.

Craig: It’s going to be tough I think. It’s differently when you’re recruiting advisors. Cause it’s an advisor, there’s a lot of evaluates the advisor side, but do you think you’re going to have trouble with bringing in investors into this tool since they’re already overwhelmed with all types of other retail oriented websites?

Brandon: Yeah. I’ve had a retent. We just released our new user and company profiles less than a week ago. And within that timeframe, I’ve had over 10 different conversations with top people in our industry. And they all said the same thing in their own way that our new user and company profiles are better for the wealth management industry than LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram or YouTube combined, all on one site. And it’s so relevant to what everyone wants with limited noise, which is huge. I mean, we even have advisors signed up, they found us through Google or something, we have advisors signed up internationally, even in Canada, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia. And we have some companies or family offices trying to get into the North American market, but their headquarters are in Europe, it’s very much of an international situation.

The Future of AdvisorBid

Craig: So talk about, in the future, where will AdvisorBid be in 3-5 years? So you’ve grown pretty regularly up until now. What’s in your roadmap and what are your future aspirations?

Brandon: Our ambition is to be the first company on Earth to hit over $1 trillion AUM signed up. And then as that scales up would be the first company on Earth to have $1 trillion of AUM in motion at any one given moment. And if we’re able to do that, then our projected annual revenues, just getting hundreds of thousands of advisor profiles filled out with all their photos, videos, personality, and connected in every way to the top companies in our industry. Even further like attracting investors and so forth as we start getting into other verticals and horizontals, it’s a never ending octopus of connectivity of everyone’s money and wealth management. It’s a phenomenal thing. We’d have the ability to make hundreds of billions of dollars in annual revenues of if everything goes right.

Craig: That would be fantastic. Well, good luck. I’m hoping everything works out for you. It seems like a great idea and there’s a lot of benefit to all parties involved for the advisor business and wealth management in general.

Brandon: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I mean our goal is to basically create the most meaningful relationships that could ever be created in wealth management, because whether it’s an investor that has any question that comes to mind and they want to find a specialist anywhere nationwide, not just locally, or maybe they’re in the middle of nowhere and they’re like, well, what advisors are signed up near me that can help me locally? You know, sometimes that’s important to a client, depends on who the client is. Then like have the ability to then search for all of this information through transparency or even a company to then say, show me all the advisors with over a $100 million of assets within a 25 mile radius. Well, we can do that just in a couple clicks of a button and boom, I’ll show you a whole map on this view of all the advisors that fit their criteria.

Or maybe it’s like I clear through Pershing or TD or or Charles Schwab, and I want to see all the advisors that also have the same clearing relationship near me or nationwide, well I can do that on a nationwide map. It even goes, so it even goes so deep that I can then tell you all the advisors that use any tech vendor or any advisors that have a series licensure or they’re a CFP or any combination of any of those filters thereof in a whole lot more, even like a full tech search.

Craig: Seems like a lot of great data that I think is really going to provide some value down the road for AdvisorBid and unfortunately out of time. But I wanted to thank you Brandon, for being on the program and sharing, giving me a little peek into what AdvisorBid is and where you’re going with the product.

No, thank you so much for the interview. This is awesome.

Craig: Where can they find you?

Brandon: They can contact us at contact@advisorbid.com or they can call us at 877-MKT-PLCE, which stands for marketplace.

Craig: Or they can just go to advisorbid.com, right?

Brandon: Yeah. advisorbid.com is the fastest way and they can even sign in with their LinkedIn profile. And once you sign up, we know about it in real time, we’ll reach out to you and help you fill out your profile. It’s real white glove service.

Craig: Fantastic.

Brandon: So, yeah, we’d love to help.

Craig: Brandon, thanks so much for being on the program.

Brandon: No, thank you.

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