Going Beyond Surveys: How to Reliably Capture the Voice of the Client

Client Experience consulting

“Make the customer the hero of your story.” ― Ann Handley, Digital marketing pioneer, writer, speaker It’s becoming more and more difficult for wealth managers to stand out.  Even for those with big budgets to purchase advertising, create content for social media, send email campaigns, and more, many firms are still hard-pressed to reduce client […]

Ep. 109: Building A Globalized Data Strategy Delivered Locally with Sabrina Bailey, LSEG

“If we think about the underpinning of our future growth strategy we’re specifically looking to accelerate growth by developing and delivering on a globalized strategy that’s delivered in a local way to meet client needs. What I mean by that specifically, if we think about for example private banks in North America relative to private […]

3 Tips for Making Your Investor Portal the Center of Your Digital Client Experience

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology, not the other way round.” ― Steve Jobs, co-Founder and former CEO of Apple As part of our work to help our enterprise wealth management clients get the most benefit from their data assets, Ezra Group has partnered with Xtiva Financial […]

Ep. 107: August News Roundup

Come on in, sit back, relax and enjoy episode 107 of the WealthTech Today podcast. I’m your host, Craig Iskowitz, the founder and CEO of Ezra Group Consulting. Over the past 16 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of FinTech vendors and enterprise wealth management firms to guide them towards making better business and technology decisions. […]