Ep. 118: Crypto as Lead Gen for Advisors with Maxwell Lane, Flourish

“We really think for the next generation of clients and advisors, crypto is going to be like any other asset class. You have to have a solution for it. It has to be part of the financial plan in a way that today, it would sound absurd to us, if an advisor said that I […]

Ep. 117: An Advisor’s Guide to NFTs with Lex Sokolin, ConsenSys

“I’ve got a maximalist view on this I’ve sort of self radicalized but it’s not just that advisors have to compete with now, banks and insurance companies and fintechs and Google for the distribution of financial products. And I think the opportunity for advisors there is money in motion is a sales trigger. And so […]

How Private Banks Can Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome in Their Tech Stack

Being distracted is no way to run a business. And when you jump on every industry trends, you waste time chasing rather than getting things done. Slow down and assess whether or not the new technology can compliment your existing infrastructure or not. Don’t follow what others are doing just because it’s the hottest thing […]