November by the Numbers: An Update on the Ezra Group WealthTech Integration Score

Welcome to the Ezra Group Wealthtech Integration Score™ Monthly Update where we share application adds/deletes and category changes that may affect the ranking of wealthtech products. 

If you are a vendor and have questions about why your score changed, or what’s happening in your category, please refer to the list of resources at the bottom of this page.  

All changes made to the Kitces AdvisorTech Directory will be synchronized into the Ezra Group database with around a one month lag.  


The table below contains all of the changes made this month:

Type of Change # of Changes Description of Change
Products Added 9
  1. AltExchange — Performance Reporting
  2. Apex Clearing — Custodial Platform 
  3. Carefull — Specialized Planning
  4. Denim Social — Digital Marketing
  5. Entrustody — Custodial Platform
  6. Projection Lab — Planning Light
  7. Ramsey SmartVestor — Advisor Lead Gen
  8. Savvy Social Security — Retirement Planning
  9. Sora Finance — Specialized Planning 
Products Deleted 0


Category Changes 0
Category Removed 0
Product Name  Change 1 E*Trade Advisor Services changed their name to Axos Advisor Services and remains in the Custodial Platform category
Total Product Inventory Total: 398


Learn more about how we calculated the Ezra Group WealthTech Integration Score here. 

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