May by the Numbers: An Update on the Ezra Group WealthTech Integration Score

Welcome to the Ezra Group Wealthtech Integration Score™ Monthly Update where we share application adds/deletes and category changes that may affect the ranking of wealthtech products. 

If you are a vendor and have questions about why your score changed, or what’s happening in your category, please refer to the list of resources at the bottom of this page.  

All changes made to the Kitces AdvisorTech Directory will be synchronized into the Ezra Group database with around a one month lag.  


The table below contains all of the changes made this month:

Type of Change Number of Changes Products Notes
Added 26
  1. Altidar – Investment Data/Analytics
  2. Finpace – Workflow Support
  3. bondIT – Investment Data/Analytics
  4. Cloudscale365 – Managed Service Provider
  5. CogniCor – Workflow Support
  6. Fynancial – Client Portal
  7. Libretto – Portfolio Management
  8. Nebo by GMO – Retirement
  9. Prismm – Legacy Planning
  10. Shellblack – CRM Overlay
  11. Absolute Engagement Engine – Workflow Support
  12. Arch – Account Aggregation
  13. Life Insurance Sustainability Analytics – Insurance Data/Analytics
  14. La Meer – Compliance
  15. Trustworthy – Legacy Planning
  16. Levitate – Digital Marketing
  17. AdvisorArmor – Cybersecurity
  18. Amplify – Portfolio Management
  19. – Advisor Lead Gen
  20. AdvisorFinder – Advisor Lead Gen
  21. MirrorWeb – Social Media Archiving
  22. CMPAS – Planning LIght
  23. WealthVoice – Digital Marketing
  24. AdviAlly – CRM
  25. Collegiate Funding Solutions – Student Loan
  26. R&T Deposit Solutions – Cash Management  
Removed 2
  1. MyPlanMap
  2. Canvas
New Category 3
  1. Cybersecurity
  2. Insurance Data/Analytics
  3. Data Warehousing
Category Changes 3
  1. InvestCloud – moved to All-In-One
  2. FCI – moved to Cybersecurity
  3. WealthAccess – from Client Portal to Data Warehousing
  4. Nebo by GMO – Planning Light
Category Removed 0
Scores Updated We will begin reporting this metric in Q3 2023.
Superior Badge Stats New: Total: 
Excellent Badge Stats New: Total: 
Total Vendor Inventory Total: 


All changes made to the Kitces/Ezra Group Advisortech Directory will be synchronized into our database the month after a new map is published. You can learn more about how we calculate the WealthTech Integration Scores here.

Find out how our outsourced development  team can help improve your integrations (and your score!) here.

The Kitces Advisortech Directory can be viewed here.

To receive integration score updates, fill out the survey and receive your badge, please contact us at

In order to ensure your application’s score is accurate, please fill out this product integration survey so that all of your integrations can be properly evaluated. We’re requesting that all vendors fill out the survey no later than June 1, 2023 so their correct scores can be included in our next database update.



The Wealth Tech Today blog is published by Craig Iskowitz, founder and CEO of Ezra Group, a boutique consulting firm that caters to banks, broker-dealers, RIA’s, asset managers and the leading vendors in the surrounding #fintech space. He can be reached at