Ep. 198: August WealthTech News

Welcome to our monthly news review for August. I’ve got a lot of stories to cover, including our AI roundup, news on alternative investments, Goldman Sachs making headlines for all the wrong reasons, plus our regular updates on the WealthTech integration scores, and the Kitces-Ezra Group advisor tech map, but before I start, let me […]

Ep. 145: Big Data as a Service is the Next Big Thing in Artificial Intelligence

Click here and schedule a Discovery Session to find out how Ezra Group can help your fintech firm grow revenue in the wealth management space. Come on in, sit back and relax, you’re listening to episode 145 of the WealthTech Today podcast. I’m your host, Craig Iskowitz, founder of Ezra Group consulting, and this podcast […]

Ep. 112: Focusing on the Voice of the Client with Julie Littlechild, Absolute Engagement

“Maybe it’s just me, but I feel different at this moment than I did yesterday. Things change, the context changes. I think this has raised an interesting challenge for advisors, how do I gather data from my clients that is in the moment and can support a deeper conversation?” — Julie Littlechild, Founder and CEO, […]

How Predictive Health Data Drives Personalization in Financial Planning

“To me, the future is personalization.” — Marissa Mayer, former CEO, Yahoo! There are many uses of the word “personalization” being thrown around and many of them conflict with each other and don’t really make sense in the context of how RIAs and enterprise wealth management firms operate. There was a time when just seeing […]

Ep. 105: Merging Health & Wealth with Robert Kirk, InterGen Data

“When we started InterGen Data, what we did was to say give us your client data and we’ll turn it around and send you back a list of life events, especially around critical illnesses and how likely they are to happen. Because people don’t plan for those types of things, they don’t plan for a […]

#ItzOnWealthTech Ep 1: Joel Bruckenstein’s highlights from the T3 Advisor Conference

“Our industry is still evolving.  The entrepreneurs and innovators can’t just rest on their laurels. When they see an opportunity to do something exciting they just want to jump on it.” — Joel Bruckenstein Joel Bruckenstein, CFP® (@fintechie) is publisher of the T3 Tech Hub and the producer of the Technology Tools for Today (T3) […]