Ep. 210: Breaking Boundaries for RIA Success: Insights from Joe Duran of Rise Growth

Come on in and sit back and relax. You’re listening to Episode 210 of the WealthTech Today podcast. I’m your host, Craig Iskowitz, founder of Ezra Group Consulting. This podcast features interviews, news and analysis on the trends and best practices, all about wealth management technology. My guest for this episode is the man, the […]

Ep. 133: March WealthTech News Roundup

Come on in, sit back, relax and enjoy episode 133 of the WealthTech Today podcast. I’m your host, Craig Iskowitz, the founder and CEO of Ezra Group Consulting. Over the past 17 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of FinTech vendors and enterprise wealth management firms to guide them towards making better business and technology decisions. […]

Ep. 123: Best of WealthTech Today 2021 Roundup

Click here and schedule a Discovery Session to find out how Ezra Group can help your fintech firm grow revenue in the wealth management space. The WealthTech Today podcast features interviews, news, and analysis on the trends and best practices in wealth and technology for wealth management, asset management, and related areas. A quick shoutout […]

#ItzOnWealthTech Ep. 71: Dabbling in Disruption with Babu Sivadasan of Jiffy.ai

artificial intelligence

“We are taking on AI-based innovation with a deep sense of social responsibility, but also combining a for-profit and a nonprofit at the same time. We recognize that what we do disrupts traditional jobs, or it has the potential to. Every AI company is, in a way, dabbling in disruption of the workforce. ” — […]